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"SonoScan Diagnostic Centre- Vision for Healthcare"

is comitted to your service.

SonoScan Diagnostic Centre" is pleased to introduce state of the art, modern diagnostic Sonography and Colour doppler services, using high quality Sonography machine.

We ensure Quality reporting, Dedicated and Polite service, thereby giving " Vision for Healthcare"

Not only this, we also provide screening sonography services to help in early detection of disease which helps in early treatment.

Ultrasound (sonography) is an imaging technology that uses high frequency sound waves to visualise tissues. It is very useful diagnostic modality and provides vision for heathcare.

Colour doppler is special modality in sonography in which we can examine blood supply / blood vessels of various organs in body


All clinicians(Doctors) are requested to give referral letters(Preferabaly provided by centre or own letterhead),clearly mentioning the USG study to be carried out,patients history/clinical notes,any special health condition along with signature,stamp and registration number of referring doctor.

For Obstetric USG:- Referral letters/letterheads of referring doctor,with CLEAR MENTION OF INDICATION FOR OBSTETRIC USG, NAME,SIGN,ADDRESS,REGISTRATION NUMBER AND STAMP OF REFERRING DOCTOR IS MANDATORY.As these things are needed for PC-PNDT record maintenance.

Obstetric USG s can not be done till above said things are fulfilled.